Drew King / Drew Kxng




Hey, I'm Drew. Branded as Drew Kxng, but I'll give you one guess what my last name is. 


I'm a MOTION DESIGNER based in the one and only steel city, Sheffield. Also full-time designer @ Rise at Seven.

Graduated from Sheffield Hallam University not too long ago and hit the ground running with doing this creative creation thing full-time.

Currently my work focuses around MOTION DESIGN + EDITING but my background is graphic design & digital media production so I practically live and breathe creative media - gives me a whole bunch of creative sources to pull from when starting projects.

When work isn't in my plan for the day, I'm more than likely playing a game and have music blasting into my ears. Gotta make sure you balance out the work with some play.

Got a beefy project in mind? I've got a network of creative colleagues to call upon.

Sheffield based. Own your content, crown it - let's get to work.

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