THE PLAYERS - Logo Animation

Client: BBC Sports + Copa 90

Studio: Grizzle London

Agency: NA

Type: Motion Design + Logo Animation

"THE PLAYERS" Logo Ident Animation!

What is THE PLAYERS? Bex Smith flips the script on women's football, speaking to some of the biggest names in the game. We hear what it’s like being a leader on the pitch, inspiring the next generation and how to overcome injuries.

COPA 90 reached out and laid their cards on the table about what they were looking for in this logo animation.


After bating some ideas back and forth and starting on good old fashion pen and paper, the work started and the end result was a smooth logo animation that wasn't necessarily hand animation, but this piece of motion needed a lot of tender, love and care with moving keyframes frame by frame to get the timing just right and we can't forget about individually aligning all the swoosh to make them hit right.

Tom Carpenter was a massive help with spear heading the creative direction of this and taking the reigns and absolutely nailing the "soundwave" animation which the animation ends with!

While Tom C took over for the last part of the animation I was on the first two parts, if you will, of this animation. With the direction, oversight and advice I think together we managed to pull off a really smooth looking podcast logo animation that'll stick with the masses and be a core part of THE PLAYERS' visuals.

Want to hear THE PLAYERS in action? Link to BBC Sounds is here, tell them Grizzle sent you and they'll know what's up.