Football Manager 2021 - Feature Trailer

Client: Football Manager 2021

Studio: Grizzle London

Agency: MOX London

Type: Motion Design

Football Manager 2021 main feature trailer!💪

This trailer, cut downs, varied aspect ratios and 28 different translated versions in total across all socials hit an incredible 800,000 views in less than 24 hours and is still rising at the time of this post, which is honestly crazy to me - still can't fathom the attention that's it's received

A big part of this job was figuring out what was done in the previous years in terms of style of motion and mimicking that with a 2020 twist, took a while to wrap my head round but once I was rocking I was rolling with it🤙

After a few weeks of graft from GrizzleTom PaddonTom Carpenter, myself & co - we made something pretty damn cool 👏

Being one of the lead Motion Designers on this project I spent quite a lot of quality time with a lot of the individual compositions in this entire piece, but of course all these composition came together from not just me but an incredible team.


The three above scenes are probably my favourite out of the lot that I worked on. After some time and feedback and a good handful of revisions, I think they turned out pretty damn slick.

Along with the main feature film for FM21, we can't forget about all the alternative versions for different platforms! Once we delivered the feature film above, then came the app store, switch, google store versions along with the official lauch trailer!

Big thanks to the same team mentioned above & Ross and his team too for guiding the way on the lauch trailer.