Redis - Mini Labs Advert

Client: Redis

Studio: Grizzle London

Agency: Double Dice Films

Type: Motion Design

Grizzle had someone reach out on behalf of Redis asking for a bit of a hand with a creative way to advertise a section of Redis, Redis Labs, while staying true to the pre-visisionaltion & branding that Redis Labs already is.

What is Redis Labs?

Redis Labs is the home of Redis, the world’s most popular in-memory database, and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise, which delivers superior performance, unmatched reliability, and the best TCO. Initially employed as a caching layer, Redis is now used by virtually every large enterprise, startup, and government organization to power use cases such as e-commerce, AI/ML, search, fraud detection, real-time inventory management, user session stores, and much more (Source:

While I was the first person to work on this advert, working on and developing the first three scenes (shown above) there was a wide handful of creatives alike that put time, energy and effort into this film all brought into Grizzle to get this film over the finish line while juggling a busy late 2020 period!