Tik Tok - Did You Know?

Client: Tik Tok

Studio: Grizzle London

Agency: Mother London

Type: Motion Design

Did you know!?


Mother London (Agency) approached Grizzle (Studio) with a project for TikTok about a new campaign that was in the pipe line.


The campaign, did you know, while the main focus of this was to of course promote TikTok as a platform and bring more exposure to the app, it was also a fun and eye catching solution to giving the viewers of this campaign random facts each time the advert appears from different categories.

There are four main categories in this campaign and each is accompanied with a different fact relating to that category. Make sense? I was the main point of contact and solely on production for this project so I know it inside out, can you tell? Haha.

Everything produced for this project was essentially templates and placeholders for the rebuilders, hence the repeated wording on all the banners below. These master templates were being taken into a development team who would then recreate these in code, ensuring quick and responsive loading times no matter where the advert was placed on the web.


I created the baseline master for timings and motion and after that was handed off it was up to Mother London to adapt it to web & produce 35+ different version of what’s shown with different facts. I still think I’ve yet to spot all of them online!